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Online foundation for your successful start

Where there’s a blog, there’s content Where there’s content, there are people Blogs bring an audience. A blog is the pride of your creativity. Write articles, shoot videos, or record podcasts You have the freedom – use it and create your own community around your brand.

  • a blog creates high-quality and persuasive content 
  • increases you company’s reputation
  • creates a relationship between your customers and your brand

You won’t survive without the web today. Your website presentation should be different from your competition. Responsive design, suitable optimization, and SEO rules are an inevitable part of the high-quality website creation process.

  • a website is the cornerstone of your online existence
  • it helps to build your company’s reputation
  • it helps people find your company easier
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If you don’t like the idea of having a company blog, a company online magazine might be a good alternative for content creation. It can be adjusted to your individual needs and serves as a small gift to your loyal customers. An online magazine requires a lot of time and patience, but has a considerable effect on the customer.

  • provides a space for unlimited content creation 
  • attractive visuals for your customer
  • serves as an educational or advisory material
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If you own a brick and mortar shop, consider creating a simple e-shop. It will boost sales and expand your business activities into the online market

  • you can reach higher profits with online sales
  • building your online reputation and a brand
  • simple operation and user-friendly platform
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Online company presentation is not only a matter of having a high-quality website anymore.

What matters?

  • interesting content
  • social network activity
  • interactions with your future prospective customers

Online forms such as a company blog or e-magazine are becoming an inherent part of marketing. Integrate selected formats into a multifunctional CMS to create an effective model for your successful business.

Mix it up!

Make yourself an online cocktail as you like it.

Supplement your online formats with an integrated CMS system, which we can extend anytime according to your current needs. We connect it with a selected design or an existing URL. The possibility to connect your e-shop to accounting programmes or your stock management. We will design a reliable system with a quick implementation and intuitive operation.

Blog and e-shop


Magazine and e-shop


Company website, blog, and e-shop


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Each business is specific. Every business target requires different tools. We understand your strategy. Tell us about your plans and we will create a suitable online foundation for your successful start.